Bonneville Land Speed Record Holder


This motorcycle currently holds four Bonneville land speed records.  The motorcycle holds records in both fuel and gas classes.  The bike competes in 50 cc sidecar classes at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The bike started life as a 1990 NS50 Honda.  Running the Honda engine, the bike set the record for the SC-F class (sidecar fuel) class of 62.587 mph.  Running in SC-G (sidecar gas), the motorcycle attained a speed record of 69.964 mph.

The bike now runs a highly modified sleeved-down (to 50 cc) KX65 Kawasaki engine.  It holds the current record of 57.463 mph running in the SC-BG (sidecar supercharged/turbocharged gas) class.  It also claims the SC-BF (sidecar supercharged/turbocharged fuel) class record with a clocking of 61.117 mph.

Much of the work on the bike was done by Duane Saum of Saum Engineering of Wichita, Kansas.

Interesting facts:
Owner Water Grether also holds some speed records at El Mirage in California.
The piston in the engine is about the size of a half dollar.

This motorcycle was temporarily removed from our museum during the last week of March.  Walter is preparing the motorcycle for another run during the Bonneville Speed Week in September.  Good luck, Walter!  We hope you set/improve some speed records.