How much time should I allow?

You can spend an hour or all day visiting the St. Francis Motorcycle Museum. Currently, there are approximately 115 motorcycles displayed in the museum. Depending on how much you want to learn about the motorcycles, your visit time will vary. The typical visit lasts about 2 hours.

How much does it cost?

The museum is operated strictly on donations. We have a suggested donation of $7 upon entry. ANY donation is very much appreciated! Your donation will allow us to keep the doors open and to make improvements. We would appreciate you signing our guest book so that we can get an idea of where our visitors are from.

Is there an age restriction?

Everyone is welcome! The museum requests that visitors 12 and younger have adult supervision due to the rare and highly valuable items in the museum. For those that may need assistance during your visit, a wheelchair is available for public use (inquire at the front desk).

Where is St. Francis?

St. Francis is located at the intersection of U.S. 36 and KS Highway 27 in the northwest corner of Kansas. St. Francis is approximately 12 miles east of the Colorado state line and about 20 miles south of Nebraska. If you are traveling on Interstate-70, St. Francis is located 34 miles north of Goodland, Kansas. (Take Exit 17 North).

Once I get to St. Francis, how do I find the museum?

The museum is in downtown St. Francis. Exit Highway 36 by turning north on College Street (the street that goes to the high school) near the east side of town.  Go north 7 blocks, and turn left on Washington Street (Main). Travel 3 1/2 blocks west; the museum is on the right (north) side of the street.

From the city water tower:  Go 3 blocks north; turn left (Washington St.) and then 3 1/2 blocks west

From the Cheyenne County Courthouse:  Travel one block west.

From the St. Francis Post Office:  Travel 2 1/2 blocks east.

Come and enjoy the visit!