History 2016 - March /April

Floor finishing...

Attention turned to floor finishing during the first two weeks of March.  The floor was ground smooth with grinding machines using diamond and ceramic grinding discs.  The process was very time consuming, requiring eight steps and nearly two weeks of work.  The machines were kept running throughout the day and much of the night in order to complete the process as quickly as possible.  Below are some pictures taken during the grinding process.  Click on photos below for larger view.

More floor finishing...

The floors in the bathrooms and break room were finished first.  Cabinet installation began in the break room.

After thorough mopping (approximately 6 passes), the floor polish was added to the floor in the museum's main gallery.  The floor polishing was completed on March 13.

Click the photos below for a larger view.


More progress...

​​​​​​​​​​​During the third week of March, the carpet was installed in the vault.


A sign with the museum logo (made by Terry Dobbs) was installed.

On March 22, the first display items (motorcycles and other collectibles) were moved into the museum. 

History 2016 - April


"Soft Opening" well attended...

The St. Francis Motorcycle Museum opened its doors to the public on April 2, 2016, when a "soft opening' was held at the museum.  Over 125 visitors attended the museum on April 2; more than 1/3 being out-of-county (or out-of-state) visitors.  Seven additional motorcycles were moved into the museum on April 2 and 3 including a 1972 Kawasaki H2 750 and a 1984 Honda Sabre V65.  In the first week of display, the museum also registered two visitors from foreign countries (Italy and Australia).

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