History 2016 - January / February


Interior work...

The interior walls of the museum were completed during the early months of 2016. Attention turned to what type of floor finish should be used on the museum floor. It was decided to polish the concrete using diamond grinding pads to create a smooth, attractive, and durable finish. Suspended ceiling was added to some of the smaller rooms in the building.


Display stands built...

The first of several planned display stands for motorcycles was built and moved to the museum.

A telephone line (785-332-2400) and a dish for television were installed.


Snow damages awning...

A severe blizzard hit the area during the middle of January, and the heavy wet snow partially collapsed the awning on the south side of the museum building. 


The damage required some of the brick on the inside wall of the museum to be removed to inspect for damage.


Repairs were made (requiring welding), and support poles were eventually installed under the awning prevent the possibility of future damage.

​​​​​​​​​​​The security system was installed on February 17 making the museum a safe location to display vintage motorcycles and memorabilia


Stage built...

On February 20, the "stage" was built and the framing for the desk area was completed.


Front desk area framed...

Front desk area framed.


Decision made on floor...

Discussion continued on the floor polishing as the board was informed that the polishing would cost $4000 more than originally quoted. With the floor completion holding up further progress, it was decided to move forward with the polishing at the increased cost.


Work continues...

On February 24, the east portion of the north wall was painted, and the front desk enclosure was sided using more of the old wood removed from local buildings.