History 2015 - November


Logo selected...

A logo for the museum was designed and resistered.

Building materials gathered...

Additional work was completed on the museum during November 2015. Electrical panels were installed, more electrical wiring was completed, and the building was connected to the grid. The gas line for the heating unit was installed. The installation of the heating and air-conditioning units began. Sheetrock was installed on the walls. More discussions were held regarding the interior design of the museum.  

Agreement/lease forms for museum consignors were agreed upon.

On a cold Saturday, November 21, several museum supporters gathered to remove old wood and tin from a local granary to be used as materials for the museum interior. Photos from the work day are below.

Click on the photos below to see an enlarged view.

History 2015 - December


Interior work...

Much progress on the museum interior was made during the month of December 2015. The heating system was started, and it certainly helped keep the chill away while work continued inside the museum. Much of the ductwork for the HVAC system still needs to be completed, but the furnace is functioning.


Construction continued on the interior walls. More old wood was removed from old buildings located in Cheyenne County for use on the interior walls of the museum. Several work days (and nights) were held, and the recycled materials were installed on the museum walls. Old wood was used on the north and south walls. The east wall was covered in a random pattern of old wood and old metal.  


A concrete pad was poured on the north side of the museum.

The  photos on this page were taken after the December 5 workday.

Below are photos from the December 12 workday as progress continued. Additional insulation was added to the exterior walls. With R35 insulation in the ceiling and R25 plus the additional added after initial construction in the walls, the building should be very energy efficient.

More photos from December worknights. With the sheetrock work completed, Dale Weeks donated his services for the "mud work" on the walls. The walls have been textured and are now ready for paint. At the December 29th meeting, a paint color was selected and cabinets for the "break room" were decided upon. Discussion continued on tract lighting options for displays.

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