History 2015 - January

January, 2015 - Bids for the construction requested...

As funding began to increase, the board began to investigate the size and cost of a museum building.  Several existing local properties were considered, but eventually the decision was made to construct a new facility.  After discussing many ideas for the design of the building, it was finally agreed upon to build a metal building with a brick front to match the existing architecture of many of the local businesses.

The board moved on to requesting bids for the construction.  Two bids were received for the initial building construction and two were received for the HVAC (heating and cooling) for the building.  After much consideration and discussion, bids were accepted from Brock McAtee Construction for the building construction and from Heartland HVAC Electrical and Plumbing for the heating and air conditioning installation.

History 2015 - March


March, 2015 - Construction bid accepted...

In early March, 2015, a contract for the museum construction was agreed upon. Brock McAtee Construction of St,. Francis, Kansas, was contracted as the general contractor overseeing the construction of the museum facility. The building material (red iron) will be produced by Topline Buildings. An initial transfer of funds from the St. Francis Community Foundation to Bankwest was requested to allow for the down payment necessary to process the building materials for the museum. This initial payment was approximately $21,000.

The Museum Board was also expanded to seven members, now including new members Tye Faulkender and Perry Keller. An account was established with Bankwest as the primary museum account. Tye Faulkender was selected to be the museum treasurer, and Kelsey Andrist was appointed secretary. The museum board made plans to meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month and as many additional times as necessary to conduct museum business.

Brock McAtee Construction's initial plans were for dirt work to begin in March or early April in an attempt to complete the building construction by June 15, 2015.

On March 9th, the museum board members met to take a photo (see photo on above) to be placed in the St. Francis Herald along with an article updating the progressing status of the museum.

On March 17, the board met to discuss the addition of a vault in the museum. The vault would allow further security for specific bikes displayed in the museum. The board voted unanimously to add the vault allowing the museum to house bikes that would not be displayed in other locations and making the museum more unique. The cost of the vault addition will be approximately $20,000 and will require raising additional funding.

History 2015 - April

April, 2015 - New bikes displayed...Construction begins...

In early April, 2015, four new bikes were displayed in the local banks in St. Francis. The three motorcycles that had been previously displayed in the local banks were transferred to the Kansas Motorcycle Museum in Marquette, Kansas. The"new" motorcycles displayed in the St. Francis banks are:  a 1940 Indian 4 - 77ci, a 1928 Cleveland, a 1927 Indian Scout - Wall of Death, and a 1922 Ace.

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Dirt work for the building construction began the first week of April. Some old dirt was removed from the site and dirt that would pack well was moved onto the site to give a good base for the construction.

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History 2015 - May

Construction Continues...

  • The footer for the front wall of the museum was poured on May 1.....and then the rains came. (St. Francis received rain almost every day for nearly a month slowing museum construction.)
  • The museum project received a generous donation from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation to help with the cost of the museum construction.


History 2015 - June

More Construction Completed...

The remainder of the footers for the wall and vault were poured in early June  The framing for the vault walls were completed on June 17th and concrete for the vaults walls and a large portion of the floor was poured on June 18th.  The concrete for the north part of the museum was poured on June 19. The vault floor was completed on June 23rd.